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Grunkemeyer Testimonial

Dr. Frankenberg works closely with Aileron, founded by
Clay Mathile in the Dayton, Ohio area to
'help private business owners understand where they want to go and
apply sound business practices to help them get there...

"The Frankenberg Group helped us work out a succession plan that is fair for everyone and good business for the company."
-Controller/daughter, electrical contractor

"Three different generations now work in our large family business. We needed help in communicating with each other. Times have changed. The Frankenberg Group's Family Forum worked for us."
-President, manufacturing company

"I was fighting with my sons over the business. My sons were fighting with each other. Ellen Frankenberg coached us how to resolve conflict without having a winner and a loser. It has made a big difference."
-President, family owned retail sales chain

"The Frankenberg Group helped us to sit down together and clearly define the mission of our family business. Now everyone in the family is working toward the same goal."
-Son of partner, CPA, accounting firm


Your Family Inc.

"EIIen Frankenberg has distilled much wisdom about managing a family business into one highly readable volume.... Along with her savvy about relationships, she offers insights into what family firms can do to prepare strong successors, remain innovative, and ensure continuity of family ownership."
-Howard Muson, Editor, Family Business Magazine, Philadelphia, PA

"A very practical, well-written guide to issues that confront and confound all family enterprises. A great resource for professional advisors as well as family members. Well worth the read, I give it a "gold star".... It now has a permanent spot on my reference shelf for The Frankenberg Group."
-Dirk Junge, BS, Chairman, Pitcairn Trust Company, Jenkintown, PA

"Your Family, Inc. Practical Tips for Building a Healthy Family Business is a very practical approach to the complex issues that family businesses face. The use of humor and easily understandable examples makes it enjoyable reading. Of particular value is the chapter on married couples who are in business together. This aspect of family business is not addressed often in family business books."
-Dr. Joyce Brockhaus, The Brockhaus Group, St. Louis, MO
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