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Articles Written for Family Business Magazine

These are articles Written for by Dr. Ellen Frankenberg for Family Business Magazine
Exit Planning: In a family firm, letting go is the toughest job of all
Women-owned firms’ competitive advantage
With apologies to David Letterman
Who belongs on your bus?
When there’s an empty chair at the head of the table
When a buy-out is on the table
What shall we do? Here’s how to decide
Time to start thinking about your retirement
The talent transfusion
The next generation really is different
The new DNA in your family’s gene pool
The most energizing part of your succession plan
The good divorce
The family charter: A GPS to guide your firm’s future
Taking the Pulse of the Y2K Family
Succession is one key to strategic renewal
Sibling Behavior Decoded
Raising Your Daughter, the Next CEO
Preparing Daughters to Lead The Way
Making the most of women executives
Making the most of teenagers
Making the most of grandparents
Make Sure Siblings Can Fight Fair
Leaders who know right from wrong
How do you find the right consultant?
How alcohol can dilute your family business
Have you had a good fight lately?
Has global turmoil raised your stress level?
Equal isn’t always fair
Business owners’ motivation: Entitlement or stewardship?
Building a sibling partnership involves insight and foresight
Beyond Enough: The Joy-to-Stuff Ratio
‘Entrepreneering’ your family firm
FAMILY LIFE Some personal reflections on the past 20 years
When a pink slip lands close to home
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