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Next Steps

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If you are interested in finding solutions to your family business issues, here are some steps to consider:

Fill out the Family Business Check up, and ask your spouse or another family member to fill it out separately. Compare your responses. If you disagree on more than three responses, or if the majority of your answers are negative, you have work to do.

Send your Check up to Dr. Ellen Frankenberg for a personal response.

If you prefer, contact Dr. Ellen directly by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone (513-312-4203) for a confidential opportunity to ask questions and share information.

Read one or more of the articles available on the web site, and ask another family member to read and discuss one as well, or read Your Family, Inc. to see if its approach seems compatible with your family's needs.

Arrange for a presentation or workshop with key family members, to determine their willingness to work together on family business issues, and to begin to develop a plan of action.
Review, modify and accept the plan developed by Dr. Frankenberg and/or one of her associates, tailored to the needs of your family and outlining solutions for your family business needs.
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