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Ask Dr. Ellen

How common are siblings leading companies as a co-CEO's? Is that practicable?
How to work under my dads authority in a company
I inherited my father's company 40 years ago and have vastly expanded...
The sibling who wants equal pay
The father who harasses his son
My grandparents wanted to be fair, so they distributed equal shares of company stock to all their heirs - all 17 of us, kids and grandkids...
A family business with 3 working stockholders, what questions should we be asking ourselves with regard to a buy sell agreement ? vz
My spouse and I joined my parent's business 4 years ago, but I am only confused about my direction. My parents tell me I'm not advancing enough and thinking ahead enough, but I have no clear roles. It causes much bitterness when we have disageements
What rights do non-stock holder family members have in the family business?
What is the CEO's responsibilty for handling conflict within a company?
What should the CEO do to prepare his children to eventually succeed him?
Recently my father has been uncovered in an extra marital affair with another woman. The family business is now a huge question mark...
I can't get time off.
My parents started a business 35 years ago. They had four franchised fast food restaurants and were satisfied not to expand. However, my three siblings and I wanted to grow, so we started..
How do I buy out my parents' share in the family business?
In family businesses, how do you generally recommend that a father & son refer to each other (for example do you recommend that the son call father by first name in all business situations and request others to do so also?
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